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Product Splitter to Two Crushers

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Product Splitter - Crusher Feeder


Mined coal is fed to two large roll crushers via a transfer chute that provides an accurate and controllable split of the proportion of coal flow fed to each crusher.


  • Provide a system capable of delivering an accurate and controllable split of material flow
  • Deliver coal to each crusher by evenly spreading across the full feed width of each crusher

Transfer Detail

Feed belt is a 1.8m wide 8,000 tph system feeding two roll crushers.


The mine needed a system capable of controlling flow to their two large roll crushers, which are the life line for feeding the mine’s rail car loading operations. In addition to being capable of feeding either crusher individually and providing a controllable split of the material to both crushers, the system had to provide an even feed of material across the full feed width of each crusher.

Tasman Warajay Solution

The engineers designed and fabricated a 1-on-2 transfer chute with Tasman Warajay Technology which included removable chrome carbide overlay wear liners. The system features Tasmans proprietary bucket diverter technology® coupled with a spreader section in front of each crusher.


The new Tasman Warajay transfer chute provides the operational flexibility this high-productivity mine requires. The mine is now able to control the split of material to both crushers. The chutes also allow the material to be evenly distributed to the crusher, preventing uneven wear of the rollers.

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