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Controlled Splitting for Overland Conveyor Transfer

Controlled Splitting System

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Product Splitter - Overland Conveyor Transfer


1-on-2 transfer designed to split a high speed product stream at any percentage onto two receiving conveyors as well as handle a stopping time of +70 seconds.


  • Provide a reliable splitting system for the increased operating speed and flow-rate of the overland conveyor.
  • Divert the +50m3 of material accumulated from an emergency stop.

Transfer Detail

An overland conveyor’s head end 1-on-2 transfer feeding two receiving conveyors or dump pockets.


There was a major spillage problem due to poor material loading on the receiving belt from the hard impacts because of the poor existing chute design. Additionally, the poor load zone from this existing transfer point was causing idler and belt wear problems.

Tasman Warajay Solution

The engineers provided a FlowFirst™ transfer point solution designed with Tasman Warajay Technology to the facility to address their concern. The new system incorporated two actuated components to give the facility full control of their material flow. First, as material leaves the feed conveyor, it can be directed to the dump pockets or the receiving conveyor belts. If diverted to the receiving conveyors, material moves through another diverting component that splits flow at any percentage between the two belts as required by operations. Finally, all of the components were designed to keep impacts low and material flowing, reducing dust generation, liners wear, and transfer blockages.


The transfer point solution can now handle the increased speed and volume of the upgraded overland conveyor. Additionally, the downtime for the client, due to transfer blockages, liner wear, and spillage, is essentially eliminated.

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