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Improved Grain Chute

Improved Grain Chute system

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Product Handling - Grain


2 legs after grain elevators to, 1 receiving conveyor belt


  • Reduce Material Degradation
  • Reduce Dust
  • Reduce Spillage

Transfer Detail

  • (1) 2-on-1 transfer point moving 50,000 bushels per hour with 9.5m vertical drop ending on a 152.5cm receiving conveyor belt.
  • The section of chute work replaced was only the lowest part of a taller transfer.
  • These replaced components were deemed most critical because of the amount of breakage and dust generated.


The main goal for the facility was to reduce the amount of breakage through the transfer. This degradation occurred primarily because of hard impacts and chaotic flow through the transfer, especially since the material needed to take a drastic 4.5m horizontal offset. Reducing breakage would also reduce the mount of airborne dust particles around the transfer. Since grain must be kept dry, its organic dust is extremely flammable and explosive, and keeping accumulation levels low is key for safety.

Tasman Warajay Solution

Early simulations of the transfer point showed that Tasman Warajay could reduce the amount of breakage through this segment of the transfer by up to 84%. To accomplish this, a key part of the Tasman Warajay FlowFirst™ design approach involves optimizing all of the impacts through the entire transfer point. To do this requires balancing all the flow surfaces so the impact forces are similar throughout the transfer.
The transfer point solution also includes removable vacuum bonded ceramic wear surfaces for easier liner replacement, including the main flow surface which could be accessed externally.
Two grizzly bar separators were also replaced in the transfer and are used to catch any large foreign objects as they move through the transfer, without introducing additional material degradation or flow disruption during normal operations.


This new solution greatly reduced material degradation and dust generation throughout the system. The customer was completely satisfied with the product and installed two additional Tasman Warajay FlowFirst transfer points to further reduce the potential for degradation.

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