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Duel Reclaimer

Duel Reclaimer system

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Product Reclaimer - Duel System


Dual reclaimers to dual spoons


To load the yard belt centrally and uniformly by splitting the material into two stream speeds

Transfer Detail

A drag chain dual reclaimer on a 1600 mm receiving belt


There was a major spillage problem due to the loading of material on the receiving belt which was also causing idler and belt wear problems.

Tasman Warajay Solution

Tasman Warajay designed and fabricated a dual spoon arrangement that split the stream at the discharge from the drag chain and loaded it at different times to produce a single continuous stream. The existing drag trough chute and skirting was incorporated into the chute design to reduce cost and speed up the installation process. A scaled test rig was built to precisely measure the difference in time frames between the discharge points of both spoons.


The central loading achieved by the dual spoon arrangement has decreased spillage immensely and has reduced cleanup costs for the client. Idler change out has also been minimized by utilizing the soft loading aspect and belt life has also been increased.

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