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Transfer chute system

1 On 3 Transfer chute system

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Product Transfer - 1 on 3 Chute System


1-on-3 switching transfer designed to deliver material on three fixed conveyors


To upgrade and provide a multi leg transfer chute system to eliminate blockage, wear, and dust

Transfer Detail

Consists of a 1-on-3 transfer with inlet hood, actuated diverter chute, diverter enclosure, intermediate chute, lower chutes, and 1200 mm conveyors.


Existing transfer chute system performance was troubled by blockage, wear and dust. As part of this upgrade, a new transfer chute system was needed to solve all these problems without disrupting existing associated equipment.

Tasman Warajay Solution

Tasman Warajay designed a complete transfer solution with an actuated diverter where blockage, wear, and dust were eliminated with minor structural modifications.
The modifications included removal of the existing head deflector plate and replacement with an abbreviated hood. All chute components located below the existing lower chutes discharging onto the conveyors were also replaced.


The material was immediately controlled after it launched from the feed conveyor and was captured by the hood. Because of this, material can be switched to any of the three legs without spillage or generating dust. Likewise, the controlled flow vertically eliminated the blockage and wear issues previously experienced.
The customer now has an upgraded transfer system with the ability to sustain good production and minimize the environmental impact of the dust, noise, and spillage.

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