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Materials Handling Optimisation (MHO)

Improved Ship loading system

Improved Ship loading system

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Product Transfer - Improved Speed and Capacity Ship Loading


Multiple transfer towers and stacker-reclaimer machines used to accept, store, and export coal


  • Increase site tonnage throughput
  • Remove transfer point as bottlenecks to production
  • Reduce plugging and downtime

Transfer Detail

(4) Transfer Towers and (3) Stacker-Reclaimer machines, 244cm belts, various tonnage rates and belt speeds


The management of this export terminal wanted to increase the overall throughput of their facility, which capped out at 24.5mil tonnes of coal per year. In order to do accomplish this, they wanted remove their transfer points as the bottleneck of their operations. The renovations to their site happened in stages:
The transfer tower upgrades occurred first. The site set a goal of increasing their tonnage to 26.3 million tonnes (7% increase) of coal per year.
Next, the existing stacker-reclaimer transfers were replaced along with the dumper system (supplied by another vendor). The goal of 30 million tonnes (12% increase) of coal per year was established for this improvement.

Tasman Warajay Solution

The engineers designed, fabricated, and supplied new transfer point solutions created for each of the (4) Transfer Towers and (3) Stacker Reclaimers with Tasman Warajay ™ Technology. This included four different styles of diversion, vibratory fines feeders, and other highly-engineered components using Tasman Warajay unique transfer chute design.


Tasman Warajay was able to help the site achieve all of the tonnage throughput goals that were set out by the client. They were able to realize an 18% increase in exported coal.
The upgrade to the transfer solutions removed the chutes as the bottlenecks for the facility. Prior to the installation of the Tasman Warajay transfers, the topic for the daily maintenance meetings were the operations of the transfer towers. After the installation renovation, the transfer towers became “non-issues” to operations.

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