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Jetty Transfer Ship loading

Jetty Transfer Ship loading system

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Product Transfer - Jetty load out and Sampling


1-on-1 sampling station incorporating a magnet and tramp iron chute


To double the load out rate by increasing the belt speed as well as allowing sampling at full and half belt speeds. The sampler and magnet provided limited headroom to create a dual-speed flow path.

Transfer Detail

1-on-1 transfer chute with sampler, magnet, and tramp iron chute for both an 1800mm feed and receiving belt


The port required a transfer system upgrade that increased throughput while allowing coal samples to be obtained at full and half belt speeds. Tramp metal contaminating the product was also required to be removed before proceeding on to the shiploading transfers. The flow path and chute design was restricted by the sampler and magnet positions.

Tasman Warajay Solution

The engineers designed and fabricated a system that allows sampling whilst transferring material in a controlled flow through the hood and spoon at the full belt speed of 7.5m/sec. With the belt at half speed, material is still controlled via the spoon only, after the sampling process. The stainless steel enclosure positioned under the magnet contains inloading skirts to prevent spillage of material around the head and launch pulleys. The tramp iron chute situated behind the hood is lined with poly to decrease friction and reduce noise.


The upgrade from the original belt speed of 4.4m/sec to 7.5m/sec has doubled the load out rate up to a peak 9,000tph at full belt speed. A load rate of 4,500tph at half belt speed is for hatch changing or trimming operation purposes.

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