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Retractable Tripper Transfer system

Retractable Tripper Transfer system

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Product Transfer - Retractable Tripper


Dual 1-on-2 Tripper Conveyors


To provide a multi leg flow path for a dual conveyor system in a tower that was destined for the scrap yard if it was not achievable

Transfer Detail

Dual 1-on-2 transfers with a 1600 mm feed belt and 1600 mm and 2000 mm receiving belt widths


The client requested a transfer that ensured a targeted load out rate was achieved, however, the flow path and chute design were greatly restricted by the existing tower.

Tasman Warajay Solution

Tasman Warajay designed and fabricated a multiple leg transfer system combined with pivoting diverters to allow feed to a choice of receiving belts. Due to the tower position, the chute flow surfaces were pushing the limits and had to be taken into careful consideration during the design process. Soft loading, impact angles, and the speed of the discharge streams, as well as ease of inspection and maintenance, were all determining factors during the design process.


The benefit of supplying the transfer systems without having to erect a new tower saved the client a considerable sum of money. All transfer components performed exceptionally well considering the difficulty of the design.

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