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Bauxite Transfer system

Bauxite Transfer System

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Product Handling - Bauxite


1-on-1 inlet hood to a spoon


To reduce spillage around the hood, fines, and load areas, as well as improve belt loading to reduce belt wear.

Transfer Detail

1-on-1 transfer chute with 800mm feed and receiving belt widths


The client had a large amount of spillage around the head end and heavy splashing of material escaping through the tail end of the skirting and at the load zone.

Tasman Warajay Solution

Tasman Warajay designed and fabricated an enclosed inlet skirt arrangement attached to the hood to prevent spillage through the belt transition. A hood extension and fines tray enabled carryback to be ducted down onto the receiving conveyor. A spoon fitted with an automated spray addition prevents buildup of material while decreasing friction through the spoon radius.
Enclosed tangential skirting was also supplied, and due to the incline of the receiving conveyor, a sealed backstop was fitted to prevent material spilling at belt run down.


The spillage at the head end and material splashing out at the load zone, have been reduced dramatically. Belt wear has also been greatly reduced by the soft-loading effect provided by the spoon.

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