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Shuttling Transfer system

Shuttling Transfer System

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Product Transfer - Shuttling


1-on-2 shuttling transfer designed to transfer material to separate conveyors


To provide a flow path to cater for varying material properties as well as significantly reduce dust and spillage on the receiving belts

Transfer Detail

1-on-2 transfer chute with actuated spoons on 1000mm belts


The power station had high dust levels during dry weather and blockages in the chutes and crushers when there was abundant moisture or clay content. Chutes and liners were also failing due to the high impact of larger material.

Tasman Warajay Solution

Tasman Warajay designed and fabricated a hood that positioned the material to enter at the center of the secondary crusher. Inlet skirts and sealing around the shuttling hood were also installed to reduce dust emissions. The tertiary crusher was removed and the engineers designed and fabricated pivoting spoons that can be actuated individually to accommodate the varying coal types. A spoon set at a lesser incline allowed the dry material with a high dust volume to be soft-loaded onto the receiving belt, reducing dust and spillage. Coal types with a high moisture and clay content were fed through the spoon at a sharper incline to reduce “hang up.” Discharge skirts with sliding covers containing a series of curtains and spray mounts were used to reduce spillage and minimize dust around the impact zones.


The reduction in dust emission at the spoon discharge has been greatly reduced. Wear liners are performing well and since utilizing the Tasman Warajay products, the customer advises us that cleanup costs have been reduced by 80%.

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