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Shiploading Transfer system

Shiploading Transfer

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Product Transfer - Shiploading


1-on-1 hood to a trimming spoon via the existing telescopic chute


To provide greater throw from the trimming spoon, as well as improve wear and impact angles within the transition chute and spoon

Transfer Detail

An inlet hood on an 1800mm belt positioned over a pivoting telescopic chute that feeds the transition chute and trimming spoon


The port required greater throw from the trimming spoon to aid loading as well as reduce wear from high impact in the transition and trimming spoon area.

Tasman Warajay Solution

The engineers designed and fabricated a 3-piece hood, to enable installation from the underside of the boom and feed material centrally into the telescopic chute. The transfer was designed to provide maximum throw with the spoon set into position or switch online, actuating the spoon out of the flow to feed directly through the transition chute.


The new hood flow path and discharge sealing has seen a large reduction in spillage on the vessels below as well as spoils into the ocean. The throw achieved by the trimming spoon has decreased the loading time significantly and liner life has been greatly extended.

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