Tasman Warajay

Materials Handling Optimisation - Since 1994

Materials Handling Optimisation (MHO)

Heavy Fabrication

Heavy Fabrication


Tasman Warajay's Gladstone fabrication shop includes the following:

  • Profile cutting of all metals.
  • Hot and cold plate rolling.
  • Guillotine and plate presses - 3780 (8ft).
  • Hard face and reclamation work.
  • Welding:- (GMAW or MIG), (GTAW or TIG), MMAW, FCAW & OXY.
  • Low current (sheet work) and high current high duty cycle machines on hand.
  • Two overhead travelling cranes 40 tonne total capacity (4 hooks) (9.2m clear).
  • 500 tonne capacity Slipway at the rear of the boiler shop.
  • Ability to completely open rear of factory to allow movement of large projects.
  • 465 Square meters of fabrication shop floor space.
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