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Potash Diverting Transfer

Diverting Transfer

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Product Handling - Diverting Transfer


1-on-2 inline or 90° diversion to storage for underground mine.


  • Eliminate mining shutdown during shift change

Transfer Detail

The chute handles potash ore from 1,000 to 3,000 tph on 122cm belts. The rotating hood design allows material to continue inline on the conveyor or divert 90° to an underground storage bin.


The potash mine was experiencing a dramatic drop in productivity every time a shift change occurred, with production curtailed while miners exited and entered the mine. This resulted in a loss of productivity for the mine operations.

Tasman Warajay Solution

As a way to address the loss of production, the mine operators conceived a plan to allow them to continue mining through the shift change. A storage bin was created which acted as a buffer for the material handling system.
All they needed was a way to divert material to the bin. Tasman Warajay was called in to help solve their problem. Utilizing a Diverting Transfer provided the capability for the mine to switch material flow to the storage bin during shift change to keep the mining operation going continuously through the shift change.


The system has been installed and the mine has increased overall production. This has resulted in a greater overall profitability for the entire operation.

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