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Product Handling - Transfer Tower


1-on-2 Transfer Tower with shuttle diversion


  • Reduce dust generation

Transfer Detail

Stainless steel, one-on-two transfer conveying sulphur with 150cm belt widths running at 178m/min


Operators at a sulphur export terminal weren’t satisfied with the existing transfer chute because there was a significant amount of airborne dust that left a yellow haze on everything. Not only was this labor intensive and expensive to clean and maintain, but it resulted in hazardous working conditions and complaints from the terminal’s neighbors.

Tasman Warajay Solution

The terminal needed a new transfer chute system that would control the flow of the sulphur throughout the entire transfer so the dust generation would be kept to an absolute minimum.
Retrofitting the existing system provided an engineering challenge because of the low head room between the feed and receiving belts. This required the use of an innovative design – a shuttle diverter. The shuttle diverter design is used when there is low head room, when space does not allow for a rotating actuator, or when a great amount of horizontal distance is required.


The new chute work is installed and running very well. Flow of the sulphur is controlled throughout the entire transfer, which results in drastic reduction of dust for the facility and has the added benefits of soft loading, reduced spillage, and virtually plug-free operation.

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