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Four Granulators to Conveyors system

Granulators and Conveyors system

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Product Handling - Granulators to Conveyors


Four 750 tph granulators feeding two 120cm wide conveyors rated to 1,500 tph each


  • Reliably transfer coal at rated equipment capacities
  • Improve housekeeping and safety by reducing material spillage
  • Reduce dust generation

Transfer Detail

New ring granulators and chute work were installed as part of a crusher house upgrade. Two granulators feed conveyors that run parallel to the plant.


The old chutes were prone to plugging and material build-up. There was a large amount of dust generated and spillage through the entire load zones of the two conveyors.
Additionally, coal spilled on the floor and catwalk caused a severe safety hazard to personnel. Because of this, the facility had excessive housekeeping costs to ensure the area around the chute was kept in a suitable condition.

Tasman Warajay Solution

The engineers designed and fabricated four chutes with removable chromium carbide overlay liners to handle the abrasive wear of the coal. The system now soft-loads coal onto the two receiving conveyors. The material flow path provides efficient material handling without spillage of the coal, as well as minimal dust generation.


This facility is spending very minimal time maintaining the transfer chute and cleaning up spilled material around it. This provides for efficient and cost effective operations and allows the facility to transfer coal without costly interruptions for chute repair or cleanup.

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