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Transfer Chutes

Tasman Warajay Capabilities

Tasman Warajay Technology is the culmination of our 30 years of experience with designing transfer point solutions, incorporating our proven transfer point engineering method, flow design tools, surveying techniques, manufacturing philosophy, project guidance, and installation support. Transfer points, created with Tasman Warajay Technology, stand as the global benchmark for transfer point solutions.

Tasman Warajay first began to address bulk material handling challenges at Australia export facilities, before Discrete Element Method and other analytical tools were on the market. At these ports a team of engineers and mathematicians developed calculations and design rules that proved effective in accurately predicting how material flowed throughout a transfer point. Through the years these calculations were refined and incorporated into our proprietary transfer point software. The basis of this technology is an interactive flow control design tool that goes beyond guess-and-check analysis and actually drives to a purposeful solution. Today this expertise remains at the heart of our design tools — known as Tasman Warajay Technology.

Tasman Warajay's Engineering Design House includes the following:

  • In house highly skilled Engineers, Designers and Draftsman.
  • High end CAD workstations, both AutoCAD and SolidWorks.
  • Finite element analysis (FEA).
  • Secure, backed up high speed network to keep your data safe.
  • Huge Engineering Library of Designs.
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